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Shareholder Information

On March 1, 1975, Pismo Coast Village stock was made available for purchase to the public with share prices ranging from $3,500 to $4,500. Because the sale of the shares was not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at the time, the stock offering was strictly limited to California residents. According to the offering, Pismo Coast Village, Inc. was organized to acquire and operate for the use and enjoyment of its stockholders a recreational vehicle park which is located at Pismo Beach, California, and known as Pismo Coast Village. The Company is now registered with the SEC, and shares are available to the public regardless of location.

The Company is authorized to issue 1,800 shares of one class, all with equal voting rights and all being without par value. Transfers of shares are restricted by Company bylaws. One such restriction is that transferees must acquire shares with intent to hold the same for the purpose of enjoying camping rights and other benefits to which a shareholder is entitled.

Pismo Coast Village shareholders have an important voice in the direction of the Resort. Shareholders may ask questions and give comments to the Board of Directors by email at the email address below. Shareholders also receive proxy materials every year before the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and can attend the meeting in January to vote on proposals and elect the Board. They can submit proposals to the Board for review and inclusion at the meeting.

Shareholders who have owned a share for at least two years can apply to sit on the Board of Directors. The role of Director provides a leadership opportunity for interested shareholders who bring specific skills and experience to the running of the corporation. If you would like to receive a Board application please contact the directors at the link below.

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