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Charles Amian became Interim General Manager for the resort during February 2024. Charles has been a member of the PCV team for over 37 years and has a deep understanding of how the resort operates.  In addition, he has extensive knowledge of staffing, leadership and the RV industry.

The Board reviews departures and hires during each Executive Committee meeting. These discussions focus on understanding why team members decide to leave or join our team. Annually our wages and benefits are reviewed and adjusted to keep PCV as a top employer in San Luis Obispo County. In 2022, starting wages were adjusted to be on the higher tier for our area. In 2023, we increased our 401(k) match to 5%, added a paid holiday and changed our policy to pay for jury duty. In addition, we have engaged a full-service HR team to contain risks and manage complex employee-related matters and help attract, retain, and motivate our team.

Neither the BOD nor the GM can change the Shareholder benefits. Shareholder benefits are set forth in Section 9.4 of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, which are available on our website here and require 80% approval of the qualified voting Shareholders to make any changes.

Article 8.4 of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, which are available here, sets forth the authorization for the BODs to enter any contract or execute any instrument in its name and on its behalf, providing safety, health and environmental considerations and legal requirements have been adequately addressed. Article 9.3 of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, which are available here, limits the authority of the BODs to sell, lease, convey, transfer, or dispose of all or substantially all the property and assets of this Corporation unless approved by 80% of the qualified voting Shareholders.

The Company is profitable and financially solvent. As in past years, it has decided to invest its available working capital to enhance the resort's facilities. Current financials are assessable on the Security Exchange Commission website. Current financial statements are available on our website here.

Per the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, which are available here, Section 9.3 Sale of Corporate Assets, the Board of Directors are bound to “No sale, lease, conveyance, transfer exchange or other disposition (except by way of hypothecation) of all or substantially all of the property and assets of this Corporation shall be made unless approved by the vote or written consent of the Shareholders entitled to exercise eighty percent (80%) of the voting power of this Corporation..”

Pismo Coast Village has launched a new website,, with a robust Shareholders section. The site provides links to financials, meeting minutes, and Shareholder and Corporation documentation. The Operations Team will continue to improve this section, adding FAQs and other useful information.

We strive to provide an OSHA safe & healthy workplace as a Core Value. Our property has older coastal buildings that can develop environmental hazards which need to be remedied quickly & properly.

PCV’s second highest revenue department is RV Storage and the demand for storage continues to be exceedingly strong with a 300+ waiting list. In April 2023, the company had an opportunity to purchase property at 255 N Oakglen Ave, Nipomo, to develop a 155-site self-storage lot. This purchase allows for moving our current self-storage customers from H Lot and fill with store and tow customers from our waiting list.

Pismo Coast Village has no rights or jurisdiction over the creek. As a natural waterway the Coastal Commission overseas the creek.

Reservations which begin in Non-Prime Time & extend into Prime Time, with a few exceptions, can be made provided that the reservation begins at least five (5) days prior to the Prime Time without further reservations being required. Any reduction in the number of Non-Prime Time nights will cause the entire reservation to be canceled.

The Board of Directors have developed several avenues to communicate with them. Shareholders and Guests can email them at [email protected] , comment forms are available at the Reservations office or attend a Board Meeting.

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